Khittit's Story

Learn. Employ. Lead. As Myanmar reforms, it became apparent that there is a void in teaching and learning of new ways of thinking to usher in the changing national landscape, and new skills to enter the global economy. A platform that will be easily accessible and affordable for all people of Myanmar, especially those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn beyond basic primary and secondary education, was created to facilitate the building of human capacity in the new and changing Myanmar.

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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Aristotle, Philosopher

Who We Are

Having heard about various quality alternative education provided in Myanmar, Founder and Director Su Su Maung was inspired to take part in her role in empowering the people of Myanmar through education. Her training and experience in cross-cultural psychology, human development, motivation and learning processes inform best practices for a school of higher education in Myanmar.

In the spirit of the empowerment and metta for the people of Myanmar, Khittit's values are:
Life-long learning and curiosity
Critical Thinking
Social Impact and Ethics
Holistic (Well-rounded) knowledge
Community Collaborations

Teachers who instruct at Khittit Academy believe in the vision and values of our school. They are also experienced professionals who work in their fields and have more than knowledge to teach to our students. They have the skills, awareness of human factors, and understanding of the systems that function in their fields of work. Our teachers are facilitators of learning for our students. They plant the seeds of knowledge and provide the nurturing environment so that the students can grow and prosper on their own.

What We Do

Our mission is to provide affordable quality higher education to people of Myanmar, regardless of national race, financial status, or locality. We aim to cultivate inquisitive, creative and ethical leaders who will join the workforce and contribute to the social, cultural, and economic development of Myanmar.

Khittit Academy carries the vision that students from alternative educational background will still have a higher education path made available for them through our online school. Khittit also aims to provide accessible opportunities for the students from rural parts of the country where no regional universities are available, or those who are financially unable to afford higher education. In addition, Khittit trains students in specific areas of study that have a high need of skilled and ethical workforce to fulfill gaps in these vocations.

Khittit's vision is to remain true to grassroots, community-based, and learning-focused in all educational endeavors; to grow capacity phase by phase from small startup academy to more comprehensive and accessible institute; and to foster an environment of collaborative and initiative learning and build the bridges between education, vocation, and civic engagement.

Meet Our Team

Our team of faculty and administrators are visionaries who are also do-ers. They are actively involved in their communities and professions while believing in the value of education in personal growth and national development.

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Su Su Maung

Founder, Director, Instructor