Thank you for your interest in enrollment.

Khittit Academy is an affordable higher education online school and traveling training series that provides quality learning experience for people of Myanmar. 

The school accepts all students who are interested in learning. Due to the higher level of critical thinking and content knowledge involved in our areas of studies, we do recommend that the students have at least completed high school (10th Grade matriculation) from government public schools, private international schools, monastic or church affiliated schools in Myanmar for college level equivalency courses. If you did not have a chance to go to school but had done self-study or attended education programs provided by various civil societies in Myanmar, there is an opportunity for you too. You will have to pass a simple qualifying exam. There are also certain vocational certificate programs available that do not require high school standard but only basic literacy level in Burmese. Some of our specialized vocational certificate programs may require certain educational level before students can be enrolled.

Enrollment process is simple. To start enrollment through the online application form on our website, click on the "Online Application" on the bottom left. You can also download the application by clicking on the blue "Download Application" on the bottom right. Then print it, fill in the form, scan or take a picture of it and email to or SMS to 09778516070.

If you need help with application, please send us email at or SMS at 09778516070.